We are excited and proud to announce Grace & Michael Williams from CalmDog have fulfilled their dream of enhancing the CalmDog experience and built a large (approx. 2600m²)Doggie Fun Park for all our doggies to enjoy!$25 per day

“Only the Best for your Best Friends” This has been ‘Aunty Veronica’ and her family’s mantra for the last 17 years and we are extremely proud of the fact that everyone in Aunty Veronica’s immediate family (Rhiannon, Grace, Solly & Michael) are involved in the quality care provided at CalmDog! Yes, we are a small ’boutique’ family run Doggie Care/Boarding service provider!

We are not just ‘Doggie Lovers’ we are ‘All Animal Lovers!’ We have Horses, Cows & Steers, Calves (none of which can be sent to saleyard as they are pets and paddock grass munchers) and of course the very famous ‘Willis’ the Pig (who thinks he is just one of the dogs!).

During the last 17 years we have always believed that every dog is an individual and havethe knowledge, understanding, and skills to provide a safe, happy and enjoyable experience for each individual doggie. Our clients who have been coming to CalmDog with their 3rd and 2nd generation of doggies are a testament to this. Many people and their doggies have become real close friends to Veronica and in turn ‘go right out of their way for each other’. It is beautiful to witness!A huge ‘Thank You’ to all these fabulous people and their fantastic doggies!

Yes, this Doggie Fun Park is not just for our day visitors, but for our boarders as well at no extra fee!

Security and Safety was a priority when design and construction took place and this has been addressed with tall professionally built chain-link steel fencing with specially designed angled inwards top sections (no jumping out) and 1 metre wide steel mesh securely attached all around the inside perimeter (no digging out). The grass has already grown over this mesh so you wouldn’t know it was there! Plus we have double and triple gate sections so no accidental gate thoroughfares either!

Calm Doggy Fun Park is all naturally grassed, just as nature intended!

Two of our main features are our 2 ramped & turfed over super large tunnels!Big enough for even the largest of Great Danes to run through without ducking! (Check our photos) Wow do our doggie test pilots love these!It makes us so happy to see them tearing around, through and over, over and through!

Plus for the doggies to chill out we have a large timber deck 6m x 12m that is half shaded with shade sails and the other half has a white (to deflect heat) colourbond steel roof for shelter! Our doggie test pilots love ‘chilling out’ on the large bean-bags listening to cool tunes from our sound-system!

So if you are a dog friendly doggie and don’t like hanging around home on your own, please come join the Calm Doggy Day Care pack for the day at a very reasonable $25 per day. Limited spots and filling fast. Feel free to come check us out and if unsure as to your doggie’s suitability we offer a free assessment done by Michael (professional dog friendly K9 trainer with 17 years’ experience). We only want friendly dogs who know how to have FUN. We will not under any circumstance place a muzzle on a dog. Either a dog is suitable or it is not!

Pick-up and drop off is available please ring or text to discuss fees.

Yes private dog-friendly training is available and we have our Super-Kelpie ‘Shadow’ to demonstrate what a happy ‘dog-friendly methods based’ trained doggie is!

Chinese proverb; “One picture is worth ten thousand words.” ‘Quoted by Frederick R. Barnard’ so please check out our photo gallery!


K9ind Regards
Grace, Michael, Veronica, Rhiannon, & Solly
CalmDog & Calm Doggy Day Care